JK's was founded in 1924 by George and Peter Koukos.

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At that time, we were known as "Original Texas Hot Weiners", located on White Street in Danbury. Back in the early 1930's, twenty-five cents bought you two weiners and a coffee. Many stories were shared at that counter. In 1938, Peter Koukos passed away and George brought in his son, John, to help run the business.

Throughout the Depression and World War II, John served in the army throughout Europe and in North Africa for five years. The business continued during this time.

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In 1951, before the Great Flood of 1955, JK's moved their establishment to West Street in Danbury. George, Aphrodite (the infamous maker of our special recipe weiner sauce), and John operated the business at this time. John married Mary Panasis in 1957 and had two sons, George and Peter. JK's remained on West Street until 1974. George and Aphrodite passed away in 1970 and 1981 respectively.

John and Mary opened JK's on South Street in 1974. Here we are
now, four generations and over eighty years later, the same family operating JK's. We've seen many families and their children and grandchildren come and go through the years. We like to think of our establishment as a place to meet and call home, a place to go where everyone is considered "Family".

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